Are Gravel Boards Necessary For Fencing?

Homeowners may have heard the term "gravel boards" related to fencing. Gravel boards are often recommended to enhance your fence's appeal and durability but is it essential? Well, we have researched the answer for you.

A gravel board is a wooden, concrete, or composite board that acts as a protective barrier between the ground and fences. These boards ensure maximized privacy by reducing gaps or breaks in the overall structure.

It is not necessary but highly recommended, to install gravel boards to extend your fence's lifespan. It will incur additional costs, initially, but save you on lesser maintenance expenses, time, and effort.

Now that you have an idea of gravel boards. Keep reading to learn more. We will be discussing related topics, and some information tackled below can answer other questions you have in mind.

Tall oak patterned fence, Are Gravel Boards Necessary For Fencing?

Benefits of Installing Gravel Boards

Although installing gravel boards is not required, it is highly recommended. It might cost you extra, but the benefits outweigh the overall expenses incurred.

Tall brown colored gravel board with concrete posts


Adding gravel boards to your fence makes it more appealing by removing the gaps and giving it a more uniform look. Moreover, it also looks and feels sturdier compared to fencing without.

For people who gravitate toward European design, one way of achieving this concept is by incorporating the gravel board feature into your yard.

A tall oak fence and gabion column posts


Gravel boards extend the useful life of your fences, thus maximizing the return on investment. Humid areas and those with frequent rain will significantly benefit from this since the ground will likely be wet for more extended periods.

It prevents the fences from directly contacting the ground, accelerating the decay. Aside from the protective property, these boards reinforce the panel structures.


Nowadays, privacy is one of the top priorities of homeowners. Having gravel boards further heightens the peace of mind and sense of security you achieve by having fences.

As previously mentioned, these eliminate the gaps and breaks in the fence to safeguard your area. Extra inches are added to the overall fence height, which hinders passersby from looking over your place and invading your space.


Regardless of the material, you can use excess gravel boards in other areas around the house. It can be transformed into:

  • a gardening bed,
  • decorative material for your table set,
  • decking,
  • wall retainers,
  • and even as a swing seat.

It is highly customizable and can be painted.

Kinds of Gravel Boards

A light brown fence

Gravel Boards separate your fences from destructive external factors such as wet ground and insect burrowing. It also protects your fences from yard and gardening equipment impacts such as lawnmowers, spades, and shovels.

There are three variations of boards to choose from. Each kind has properties and aesthetics to suit homeowner preferences.


Concrete gravel boards' main selling point is their durability. It is long-lasting and not readily susceptible to decay.

Despite these advantages, it is not a popular choice among homeowners due to its lack-luster appearance. Since it is made of concrete, it is heavy, making it hard to maneuver.


This material is the most popular choice due to its decorative appeal. It is cheaper, both in terms of material and installation, and environmental-friendly.

However, it is prone to rot and decay; thus, you might need to replace the boards frequently. There's another alternative for the wood variant, which is the pressure-treated gravel boards.

Pressure-treated gravel boards still offer the same aesthetic aspect for more extended periods. Treated wood can last you seven to eight years. This lifespan allows you to maximize your fencing investment without compromising the design entirely.


Composite gravel boards incorporate the main selling point of both wood and concrete. It is aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. It is lightweight, customizable, and low maintenance.

You may often see this kind of gravel board in yards with contemporary-designed homes since its appeal complements the overall look of the property.

If you're having a hard time deciding which kind suits your place the best, seek the advice of experts. This way, all considerations like budget, location, look, etc., have all been accounted for and narrowed down for your convenience.

Does Fence Height Include Gravel Board?

Concrete sound dampening fence

The general rule for measuring fence height is from the ground level to the tip. Starting from the natural ground, work your way up to the top of the fence.

This means that gravel boards are included in the vertical-length measurement because it is the link between the ground and the fence.

It is worth noting that both sides of the fence should have the exact measurement; thus, you should level the ground. In case this is not applicable, measure from the side with the lower ground.

Do Concrete Gravel Boards Have Steel Inside?

Concrete gravel boards are infused with steel for extra strength. This steel infusion is also the reason why it is quite heavy.

A 12-inch concrete board usually weighs approximately 88 pounds, which can be pretty tiring to transport by yourself. We suggest hiring additional help to finish the project or task at hand.

Can Gravel Boards Be Used As Wall Retainers?

Walls can lose their shape and form as years pass on. Even if it is made of stone, bricks, and concrete, signs of wear and tear will eventually appear. You can use gravel boards to retain the wall, but this should only be a quick fix.

Eventually, you will still need to replace and maintain these boards, thus increasing the overall cost. It is always best to keep the original form and structure of the wall rather than make numerous adjustments and changes.

Can Wood Gravel Boards Have Direct Contact With Concrete?

Tall light brown colored gravel board and concrete fence

The accumulated moisture and constant dampness can cause your wooden board to rot. Pressure-treated gravel boards are the more suitable option; it is enforced with decay-resisting chemicals, thus, allowing them to withstand humid places.

Where to Buy Gravel Boards?

There are numerous hardware and gardening stores out there that offer gravel boards. To help you with this task, we have listed below our top picks.

These stores can assist you with choosing the most suitable material for your need. They may also recommend products or services to further enhance the appeal and longevity of your fences.


Tall oak patterned fence

At the end of the day, the choice is still yours. Weigh out the pros and cons of having gravel boards and assess if it is needed in your situation.

Pair regular maintenance and inspection with gravel boards to prolong your fences' useful life. Make the most out of your money by settling on one that serves practicality and aesthetics.

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