Can You Electrify A Chain Link Fence? [And How To]

Chain link fence has become popular because it is cost-effective. But, you may have been wondering if it is possible to electrify this type of fence. Luckily, we have done the legwork for you and here's what we found.

A chain-link fence can be electrified. But the process does not involve electrifying the chain link directly. Here are step by step procedures for electrifying a chain link fence:

  • Choose the area to electrify.
  • Measure the area to be electrified.
  • Get the right materials ready.
  • Begin insulation.

To electrify a chain link fence, you have to add an offset electric wire. Keep reading to get detailed information on how to electrify a chain link fence.

Horizontal image of a high voltage danger sign with symbol of person being shocked. Sign is on a chain link fence. Can You Electrify A Chain Link Fence [And How To]

What Is A Chain Link Fence?

Chain link fence also called diamond mesh fence or cyclone fence is made from coated steel wire. It is available in different mesh sizes and wire gauges. Chain link fence is easy to maintain, repair, and install. Also, this type of fence has the ability to withstand wear and tear.

Most Industrial factories have restricted areas which are dangerous. So, they usually install this chain link fence to keep people away from the area. Additionally, they are suited for both commercial and residential areas.

Uses Of Chain Link Fence

  • Chain link fence is used for protection: This type of fence secures property without blocking any view (it is see-through).
  • It is also used to keep animals confined: If you have animals, especially pets, the chain link fence can help limit them. You can install it around your yard. This gives your animals or pets space to roam without you worrying that they might run away.
  • Sporting activities: A chain link fence is installed on sporting fields to create a barrier between players and spectators or playing bounds.

A picture of a chainlink fence on the side of a baseball field

Can You Electrify A Chain Link Fence?

Chain link fence can be electrified. The best way to do this is by adding an offset electric wire that will give animals a minimal shock when they make contact with it.

When you electrify a chain-link fence, you should install post signs along the fence with a note that tells it is an electrified fence. This will serve as a caution to anyone that tries to come close.

A chain link fence along an empty sidewalk with a row of old brick homes with gardens

How To Electrify A Chain Link Fence

You can easily electrify a chain link fence without the help of professionals. If you have already installed a chain-link fence and want to electrify it follow these procedures:

Step 1: Choose The Area To Electrify

The first step to take is to determine the part of the fence you would like to electrify since you don't really need to electrify the whole fence. Focus on the parts you think are weak and can be easily taken down by animals.

Step 2: Measure The Area To Be Electrified

Before buying the wire for this process, always measure the part that needs electrification. You don't want to purchase a length that won't be enough.

Step 3: Get The Right Materials Ready

The main material needed for electrification is poly tape or wire which can be purchased at any electrical and hardware store.

Insulation - the one specially meant for chain link fences - is also needed as well as an energizer. The work of an energizer is to connect your wire to the electric current while also serving as the wire's charger. 

Step 4: Begin Insulation

First of all, you will need to add the insulator to the top and bottom of the fence, especially on the outer part. When you are done, run the poly tape along the fence through the previously installed insulators. Then run double wires which will serve as your energized cables.

Tie the end of the two wires with another wire that will be linked to your energizer. Check the instruction manual of your energizer so you can correctly run the wire. When you are done with the installation, switch on the power so you can set the voltage for shock.

Electrical hazard sign placed on a fence of an electrical substation

How Do You Energize A Fence?

Energizing a fence seems like a hard task but it is not. There are two ways to energize a fence. You can energize an existing fence by joining one or more permanent hot cables or by adding one or more hot wires when you install a new fence. 

Can You Electrify Chicken Wire?

Chicken wire can be electrified but make sure to isolate the fence wire from the ground. Electrifying a chicken wire is an easy task.

Installed chicken wire fences are usually in contact with the ground, so you can't electrify them. If the fence is to control predators, it is better to add a hot wire and link the chicken wire to the ground wire. If you want to confine poultry birds like chickens, you can make use of an electric net fence.

Can You Electrify Barbed Wire?

Barbed wire is used to create privacy or keep animals confined in a space. You can electrify barbed wire but it is not recommended to do so because it can lead to the death of animals or anyone that comes in direct contact with it. Instead of electrifying barbed wire, you can use an electric power fence.

Can Razor Wire Be Electrified?

Razor wire can be electrified but shouldn't be touched. Razor wire is a combination of blade and low coated steel wire used for security fencing.

Razor wire can be used in places that need a lot of protection like construction sites, factories, airports, and railways. Since razor wire has a high deterrent, people don't come in contact with it.

Does An Electric Fence Have To Create A Full Loop?

An electric fence doesn't need to create a full loop. Completing the fence loop has its benefits and drawbacks. An increased voltage is good, but some difficulties may arise when it's time to fault line your electric fence.

It might be difficult for the digital fault-finder to differentiate right from left to detect where there is a drop in amperage. It is better to make a complete loop only when the need arises or if you want to boost the voltage on the fence line.

When Does An Electric Fence Get Triggered?

Whenever an intruder tries touching a live wire or disconnects any wire on an electric fence, an alarm goes off. Apart from offering good protection for properties, electric fencing serves both as a psychological and physical deterrent.

The fence doesn't give false alarms. The alarm is only triggered when someone tries to tamper with the fence. This security system is known to be effective. Some premises do not have security guards monitoring them because the fence does the work effectively.

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Final Takeaways

Chain link fencing provides security and protection to your property and can be electrified. If you want to electrify a chain link fence, choose and measure the area you want to electrify. Then get some important material for the task before starting the insulation. If you need help, you can consult a professional.

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