Can You Paint A Vinyl Fence?

Although it is not necessary to paint a vinyl fence, the time may come when you want to paint it. And you may wonder, can you paint on a vinyl fence? Don't worry! We've got the answers for you.

Yes, you can paint on vinyl fences. However, you should use certain paint types to ensure that they adhere to the vinyl surface.

Read on as we tackle what kind of paint you can use on vinyl fences and how to make the paint stick to the surface. In addition, we'll also discuss how to paint a vinyl fence, what factors you must consider before painting, and if there are color restrictions for your paint.

White vinyl fence with zero gaps, Can You Paint Vinyl Fence?

What Type Of Paint Can You Use To Paint Vinyl Fences?

Because latex and oil-based paints are not designed to stretch or contract, epoxy-based acrylic paints are the best choice for adhering to vinyl. Using latex or oil-based paints will result in chipping or cracking.

White picket vinyl fence surround a classic American suburban home

Why Is It Necessary To Use Primer Before Applying Paint?

A primer coat applied over new surfaces minimizes the quantity of paint absorbed by the fundamental original surface. The primer will assist you in concealing seams and joints. When applied to drywall and other surfaces, it also conceals minor flaws.

If a priming coat is not applied, you may need to apply another coat of paint, which may raise the cost. It lowers the overall cost of painting because it increases the covering capacity of the paint.

What Are Some Tips When Applying Primer Coating?

Here are some guidelines you can use when you apply a primer before painting your vinyl fence:

Apply On A Clean And Dry Surface

It is critical that you only apply primers to dry and clean surfaces. Before applying the priming coat, smoothen the surfaces with sandpaper, and clean the dust with a damp cloth.

Clean The Surface After Application

Cleaning the surfaces before applying the finishing coat after you have applied the priming layer will increase the desired effects of paint.

Let It Dry Completely

After applying the primer coat, the surface may be painted after a few days to ensure appropriate primer drying.

Use Epoxy-Based Primers

For the greatest results, use a primer formulated specifically for vinyl that will inhibit the growth of mold and mildew.

When you paint your vinyl fence, it is important to use an epoxy-based primer and topcoat that will slow down mold and mildew buildup and stick to the vinyl.

How To Paint A Vinyl Fence

Power spray cleaning the brown colored fence

Here are some simple steps you can follow when painting your vinyl fence:

Purchase The Right Materials

Although painting vinyl fences isn't always necessary, it is possible with the right paint and primer. Look into other painting companies and/or contractors. If you want to do the painting yourself, get the best paint with a long lifespan guarantee.

Choose a primer as well as a sealant. If you employ a professional painting firm, they should already be familiar with the project and be able to supply you with the necessary paints, primers, and sealants.

Here are the materials and tools you need for this job:

  • Epoxy-based paint
  • Primer
  • Sealer
  • Water
  • Brush, roller, or paint sprayer
  • Latex gloves
  • Washcloths
  • Bucket

Clean the Fence 

Home owner painting the fence with primer

Even if the fence is fresh, there is a potential that a coating of filth and dirt will keep the epoxy-based paint from adhering properly. Clean the fence thoroughly.

Spray it with a soapy water solution and scrub it with a soft-bristled scrub brush to remove any caked-on muck that the hose didn't get off, then thoroughly rinse it. Wipe any grass or other debris off the fence with a clean, dry towel and let it dry.

If you employ a landscaping company, they will most likely power wash the fence, which will take far less time than using a scrub brush and hose.

Allow it to dry completely before priming.

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Apply Primer

Prime the vinyl fence with a mold and mildew-resistant primer that adheres to vinyl. When painting a vinyl fence, this is a crucial step. Use a vinyl shutter primer designed for outdoor use.

If the fenced area is large enough, a paint sprayer can be used to reduce priming time. Apply the primer evenly, ensuring that any drips are caught. For a smooth finish, avoid brush and roller marks.

Wear protective latex gloves during the application process. Allow the surface to cure after priming before painting.

If you want to know the best paint brushes to use, you can check out this article: 7 Best Brushes For Fence Painting.

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Clean The Materials And Tools Used

Now is an excellent time to clean all of your painting tools while the primer is drying. Brushes, rollers, sprayers, and spray gun tips must all be disassembled.

Scrub the goods with a tiny brush after spraying them with water. To clean paint sprayer hoses, just place the hoses in a five-gallon bucket and fill them with water. Turn on the sprayer and let the water run clear through the lines and tips.

All painting equipment must be thoroughly cleaned before applying exterior paint. You want one exact color, and any residual priming on the equipment will alter that color.

Check The Primer

After you've finished cleaning your tools, take a few moments to inspect the fence. Look for marks that did not fully disappear, locations where the brush, roller, or sprayer may have missed holes in the paint, and runs and drips that may need to be sanded down for a more equal finish. Take care of the minor details.

Apply The Paint

Spray painting the fence

When you are sure that the primer is dry and has done its job properly, you can begin applying your first layer of paint.

If the fence is painted with a sprayer, you may need to have someone go over it with a roller to smooth out any flashing that may occur as a result of too much or not enough paint being sprayed out.

Apply Sealant

After the paint has dried fully, use a high-gloss sealer to protect your vinyl fence. After that, let the sealer cure completely before using your vinyl fencing to enjoy its low-maintenance benefits.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Painting Vinyl Fences?

Before you decide to paint your fences, you must first think of these considerations:

Vinyl Is Impenetrable

This implies that most paint will not attach to it over time. It may stay on for a short period, but it will eventually peel off, leaving the fence looking worse than before. Although some paints are specifically developed for use on vinyl goods, they may still peel off and damage the fence's surface.

Painted Vinyl is High Maintenance

Many homeowners prefer vinyl because they don't want to be bothered with staining or painting. It will no longer be a low-maintenance product once you begin painting it, and you will need to apply paint frequently to keep it looking vibrant and fresh.

Your Warranty Becomes Void

The surface of your fence may be damaged if you paint it. This could also nullify the warranty on the fence. So, before you make any alterations to the fence, check the guarantee or contract provided by the manufacturer. You may be told not to paint your vinyl fence.

Can You Paint Vinyl Fences In Dark Colors?

It's a good idea to stick to bright colors when painting. Dark hues absorb heat and can cause rapid expansion. Permanent warping is possible. This is one of the reasons why dark colors on vinyl fencing are uncommon.

Additionally, a vinyl fence should be painted in a neutral color such as white, beige, or a combination of hues. For a more natural appeal, some vinyl fences have a wood appearance. The more classic your fence seems, the better it will suit your home over time.

Final Words

White vinyl fence with zero gaps

Although it is possible to paint a vinyl fence, there are many things to consider, like choosing the right kind of paint and primer. Also, before you paint your fence, you must first consult with your fence provider to check if it will void the warranty on your fence.

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