Do Metal Fence Posts Need Concrete? [How To Set Posts]

Most house owners secure their property with a fence. A fence post is a supportive part of a fence. If you are pondering about using concrete to solidify your metal post or not, you are on the right page. We have done in-depth research to answer your question.

Metal fence posts do not necessarily need concrete unless you live in an area prone to high wind intensity. Having one in place secures the metal post against unplanned environmental factors. Even though metal fence posts are more durable than wooden ones, concrete increases its lifespan.

Equipping metal fences with concrete is not that expensive. Without much ado, we will be outlining points that would help you easily add concrete to your metal fence posts.

part of a gray metal wall of a fence with a closed door made of iron rods on a concrete foundation on the street - Do Metal Fence Posts Need Concrete [How To Set Posts]

What Are Metal Fence Posts?

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Metal fence posts are materials used to protect fences. They serve as support or pillars to fences. Metal fence posts are usually made of steel, a strong protective metal.

Fence posts have always been part of fences. Over time, the primary material changed from wood to metal.

Most homeowners will prefer the metal fence post to the wooden fence post, mainly because of its durability and strength. Here are some advantages of using metal fence posts.

  • They are durable and add to your yard's aesthetics. 
  • Fences made of metal posts are generally resistant to corrosion, wear, and tear.
  • The metal post protects the fence during lightning to control electric charges. 

Do Metal Fence Posts Need Concrete?

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Building a fence can be a very tiresome job, perhaps costly too. So, you probably want to protect the fence against any factor that can reduce the lifespan. These factors include high wind intensity, flood, etc.

Unfortunately, these cannot be controlled. Instead, your fence will only need a stronger material to withstand all the pressure. That is why you need concrete to secure your metal fence posts.

How to Set A Metal Fence Post

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If you intend to add concrete to your metal fence post, here are the materials you would need

  • A nine-foot steel
  • Concrete
  • Brick 
  • Trowel, digger. 
  • Sledgehammer


Concrete is strong and durable, so it will last the test of time. It also dries quickly, so it won't take long for you to install your fence posts. Concrete is also affordable, which means you can buy enough for your project without breaking the bank.


Bricks provide an area to pour concrete, and they provide a level surface for the post to be secured. The bricks or gravel can be added before pouring the concrete to make it more stable.

When installing a fence post, you should have at least one brick on hand to use as an area to pour concrete in. After pouring the concrete, add bricks or gravel before filling it with more concrete so that the fence post doesn't sink into the ground.

Nine-foot Steel

Steel is a strong material that can be buried into the ground. It is suitable for fence posts because it will not bend or break easily.

Steel is a strong and durable material that can be used to make fence posts. The biggest downside to steel fence posts is that they will rust if not cared for properly, so they need to be periodically treated with a protective coating or covered in paint or another type of sealant.

Trowel and Digger

A digger is used to dig holes to install metal fence posts. It can also be used to dig a hole for other purposes, such as planting trees or installing a water pipe. Diggers are made of lightweight wooden handles, so they can be used to dig easily. On the other hand, a trowel can be used to add cement.


A sledgehammer can be used to drive metal posts into the ground. They are typically used in construction work and can be seen as a replacement for more complicated tools.

A sledgehammer is made from steel. The head of the hammer can be made of either steel or cast iron. The hammer's handle is long enough to provide leverage for swinging but not so long that it gets in the way when striking with full force.


  1. Start by digging a hole. The depth should be at least four feet, and the diameter should be about three times the pole's diameter (or width).
  2. Add one or two bricks to the hole. Also, gravel at this point can be used in place of bricks. 
  3. Set your post in a vertical position.
  4. Then pour the premixed concrete mix into the hold directly.
  5. Dampen the concrete in the hole. Be careful not to add too much water.
  6. Mix and leave it for the day. 

How Deep Should a Metal Fence Post Be Buried?

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The depth of a metal fence post is dependent on the height of the fence itself. The estimated depth measurements of a post before burying it should be about one-third to one-half of the visible part of the post. Meanwhile, the depth of the metal fence post is also dependent on the soil requirement, texture, and area condition.

For instance, if a metal post is 10 feet above the ground, the depth of the buried hole should be around 10 to 16 feet depending on soil conditions. This will give space to add concrete if you would like to. 

You can reach out to construction authorities around the area to learn about the area's soil versatility and other environmental factors. Make sure to bury your metal fence posts deep in the soil before adding concrete to them to ensure durability.

How Do You Secure a Metal Fence Post? 

If you have followed the steps above to set your metal posts and it is still shaky, some other methods can help you secure the fence post. 

Before inserting your fence post in the concrete, make sure it has a cap or cover. This will help slow down the water flow into the hole from within the metal posts. The metal post might be subject to corrosion in the long run when the hole weakens.

Make sure you have mapped out the location of each fence post. Also, they must be aligned with each other. When digging the hole for a fence post, the depth is what is mainly considered, forgetting the width or diameter.

The width should be measured with a circular peg. If the diameter of the metal post is 2×2 cm, the diameter of the hole should be 2×3, which is two inches.

Treat the bottom of the hole first to get organic compounds out. Then, fill in with brick or gravel, which serve as water absorbers to the soil around the post. A solid base must be generated to maintain the strength of the metal fence.

Place the post vertically, and hold it down with a wedge, screws, and clamps. Make sure it is positioned straight before adding half-mixed concrete and water. 

Can You Install Fence Posts Without Concrete?

part of a gray metal wall of a fence with a closed door made of iron rods on a concrete foundation on the street

Concrete is needed to solidify fence posts. They play a significant role in sticking the fence post to the ground. This will, in turn, secure the fence for a long time.

Installing a fence post without concrete will not result in any accidents, except if it gets knocked down by the wind. Besides, if the depth of the fence post is at its proper level, there would be nothing to worry about. 

How Do You Build a Fence Without a Sinking Post?

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Building fences without a sinking post means you won't do too much digging or rather no digging when building a fence.

There are a lot of ways to build fences without sinking posts, even though each of them is dependent on certain factors too. The most popular zig-zag method involves using wood to set up rows of lines or fences on a brick. It is cost-effective since you will only need a few screws, brick, and original wood. 

Alternatively, other methods include metal spike fencing, T-Post driver, freestanding fencing, steel post fencing, and many others. None of this involves digging or shoveling the ground to build a fence.


Fence posts are an integral part of your fence. They enhance the protection and lifespan of the fence. Metal fence posts need concrete to enrich their ability to withstand intruders or strong weather. Since they do not cost much, building a fence post with concrete is recommended.

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