Do Vinyl Fences Reduce Noise?

If a dog in your neighborhood keeps barking or you live close to a busy street, you may be annoyed with the disturbing sounds they produce. That is why you should look for a fence that reduces noise to make you comfortable. Do you think a vinyl fence can do such a thing? Well, we have asked some fence experts to know the answer and share it with you.

Indeed, vinyl fences can reduce environmental noise. They can serve as a sound barrier for your yard and home. And three key factors contribute to better noise reduction:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Structure

Please keep reading if you want to know more details about vinyl fences. There is so much information to learn about this type of fence. Reading throughout the article might also answer some of your additional questions. Enjoy!

New white vinyl fence running across a nicely landscaped backyard, Do Vinyl Fences Reduce Noise?

What Are The Things To Consider When Choosing A Fence To Reduce Noise

You should consider three things when choosing a fence for noise reduction. Of course, before purchasing fences, it is crucial to know how efficient and how it works in reducing noise.

Solid privacy 8 foot vinyl fence

1. Height

Sound can still travel over the top of your fence, so select fence panels that are more elevated than conventional fencing for added sound absorption. However, you must study city or HOA (Homeowners Association) codes before installing one to secure that the fencing is not too high and doesn't obstruct the view of passing drivers.

2. Weight

Because weight dampens noise, a sound-deadening fence must be heavier than standard options. Sound barriers should also be thick.

3. Structure

Fences with solid structures obstruct noise more satisfactorily than those with holes or openings because sound cannot pass through them. As a result, pick a privacy fence that does not have holes or small gaps between panels, such as vinyl privacy fencing.

Benefits Of Using Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fence solid privacy

Vinyl fencing provides several advantages not seen in other widespread options like wooden and metal fencing. It is one of the most commonly employed fencing kinds, particularly in situations where environmental noise is a significant problem for residents. Some of the vinyl fence's benefits are:

Weather-resistant Material

Vinyl, often known as PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride, is a synthetic substance manufactured from ethylene and chlorine. Vinyl fences are made from PVC resin combined with additional unique components to make them highly robust and weather resistant.

The mixed material is also moisture, fire, and humidity resistant, extending the life of the fencing.

It Can Save You Money In The Long Term

Vinyl fencing installation is expensive and requires a more significant initial expenditure, but you'll save money in the long term because it requires no upkeep.

Vinyl Fences Are Customizable

Vinyl fences, unlike wooden fences, have a flexible construction with excellent UV resilience, discouraging warping, rot, and cracking. This type of fence allows you to customize the color, design, and pattern to match the surrounding structures.

Vinyl Fences Do Not Require Painting Or Staining

Vinyl fences are easy to clean and do not need painting or staining so that you can save the headache of frequent upkeep and care. Furthermore, because vinyl fences do not allow the fungus to develop, you will only need to wash them regularly to keep them clean and dust-free.

And all you need to do is clean stains with a garden hose and a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid or soap.

Vinyl Won't Blister

Vinyl fencing is an excellent choice for families with children because it won't blister, making it a safe and secure option.

The Color Of Vinyl Doesn't Fade

As you may be aware, wood fences become gray and dull after a year of exposure to direct sunlight and rain. They are especially prone to wood-boring insect invasions such as termite, but vinyl fences are immune to these problems.

At worst, after a few years of use, the perfect color of vinyl fencing may fade or wear out, but only if the fence isn't produced of quality material.

Drawbacks Of Using Vinyl Fences

White vinyl fence in residential neighborhood home

Before finally deciding to buy vinyl fencing for your environmental noise issues, it would be best to check its flaws first and contemplate if you think it is worth the purchase.

Vulnerable To Extreme Cold

Polyvinyl Chloride expands and contracts as the weather temperature shifts; vinyl fences tend to be more breakable if you expose them to extreme cold. However, this does not imply that you will encounter such problems – you may or may not – but it is a situation that may arise due to the said factors.

Vinyl Is More Expensive Compared To Other Materials

Regarding materials and installation labor, vinyl fencing is much more expensive compared to other materials like wood and metal. However, we don't consider this a total disadvantage since, as mentioned above, vinyl fencing will only require low maintenance.

You will think that you'll spend too much at first because of the initial cost, but in the long run, you will see that investing in vinyl is worth the purchase.

How To Choose A Good Quality Vinyl Fencing?

White vinyl fence in a cottage village fencing of private property grass plastic

What would you prefer for your home's fencing needs: a long-term ongoing expense or a more expensive but one-time solution? If you prefer the latter, this section will show you how to maximize the benefits of vinyl fencing.

Because building privacy fences are an investment, you must guarantee that no stone is left unturned. There are numerous factors to consider, but the following are a few critical ones that you cannot afford to overlook.

Look For A Specialized Supplier

If you want to obtain only the quality materials and service, it would be best to purchase from established and reliable fence manufacturers specializing in vinyl materials.

This step would undoubtedly take much of your time, but we assure you it is better to consume your time than waste your money on low-quality or faulty materials.

It would be best to check both online and local retailers for this one, and remember to inquire a bit about the retailer's credentials before planning to go with them. Additionally, be sure to check real people's reviews about the company.

Doing these things will guarantee you obtain only the high-quality deals and materials you can rely on.

Check The Warranty Of The Product

Once you finish looking for a reliable company for your materials and installation, you should now check the product warranty. It is also essential to ensure that the company still has you covered if ever something goes wrong.

As you may know, vinyl has a longer lifespan, so if you need to replace or repair some portions of the fence after several years of use, you will have sufficient backing with a warranty.

How To Obtain A High-Quality Fencing?

White vinyl fence fencing of private property grass plastic

  • It would be best to purchase only the vinyl fencing systems composed of virgin Polyvinyl Chloride and not recycled vinyl.
  • The fence's thickness effectively obstructs environmental noise while also deterring dents and improving the durability of the vinyl fence. Instead of choosing the standard .120-inch or .135-inch fence, it would help to choose one that is .150 inches or 0.4 centimeters thick.
  • If you want your vinyl fence to have better support and prevent leaning, it would be best to request from your dealer to utilize either galvanized steel or aluminum for the support at the base of your fencing.
  • Select the hardware of your fence to be galvanized steel or stainless steel only to prevent them from rusting.
  • As mentioned above, choose a tall and sturdy fence. You have to prioritize the height when choosing your vinyl fence, as it will contribute to a proper and maximum noise reduction. Look for the available sizes, and then make your selection.

Wrap It All Up

A properly constructed, tall, solid vinyl privacy fence acts as a sound barrier. You also get the added benefit of security and increased property value. Now that you have better understood a vinyl fence, it is time to decide if you will still go for it and use it to reduce the annoying noise on your property.

We hope you find this article enjoyable to read. If you have more questions, just leave a comment below. And please feel free to browse our website for further reading, or you can just check these posts out!

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