How To Cut Bamboo Reed Fencing [Plus Installation Tips!]

Depending on the installation requirement, some fences, like reed fences, bamboo poles, or dwarf pines, need trimming or cutting vertically or horizontally. And are you currently working on installing bamboo reed fences, but you don't know how to cut them? It is a good thing that you clicked this post. We have a thoroughly researched answer for you.

Start the cutting process by using wire cutters to clip the wires of the roll, between the reeds, and bend them back. After that, you can use sharp pruning shears, tin snips, or heavy-duty scissors for cutting the reed fencing.

Carefully cut the reed depending on your desired length. Also, you can put masking tape over the area you want to cut to avoid splintering. And once you finish cutting, you can remove the masking tape.

To know more about the installation tips of bamboo reed fencing, we encourage you to keep reading. It would be best to learn more about these types of fencing for you to install it correctly. So, read on and let us dig deeper for more information.

Reed tied in a fence, How To Cut Bamboo Reed Fencing Plus Installation Tips!

Installation Tips For Your Bamboo Reed Fencing

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To install your bamboo reed fence, you should consider a few tips to help you achieve the best result.

Tools for Trimming Bamboo Fencing

As we've mentioned, to cut bamboo rolls to a certain length you want, you can utilize sharp wire cutters to cut the wires that keep the reed fence together.

If you want to trim or cut your bamboo reed fence, you should utilize pruning shears, tin snips, or heavy-duty scissors for an excellent cutting result. And as much as possible, do it carefully to avoid damaging the entire bamboo reed.

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Adding Bamboo Roll to Chain-link Fencing

Are you a homeowner with a chain-link fence already in your yard? If you are, know that you don't need to remove it to install a new bamboo reed fence.

All you have to do is fasten the bamboo over the chain link. Also, adding a bamboo reed fence roll over the chain-link seems undemanding compared to installing bamboo panels.

And in case you plan to fasten your bamboo reed fence to the existing chain link, you can simply connect your fence with zip ties utilizing the wire linking the fence poles.

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Allow Ground Clearance 

When adding a bamboo reed fence, leaving a small clearance space underneath the fence is necessary. It is to ensure that the fence will not be in contact with moisture from the ground because when it does, expect that the bamboo will quickly deteriorate and rot.

Install With Assistance

Lastly, you should always call for an assistant when installing a bamboo fence. Having two sets of hands and eyes will help you achieve a better project result. One can see if the bamboo panels and fence posts are level while the other makes the installation tasks.

How Long Does A Bamboo Reed Fence Last?

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Installing a privacy border line quickly with a bamboo reed fence is possible. But the question here is can it last long given the material and the easy installation of the roll-out structure?

This type of bamboo fence is long thin reeds joined together by wire or twine and made as long rolled sheets. Although it appears too light and thin, bamboo reed fences are actually solid and long-lasting. They can last for up to 20 years if you provide them with proper care.

In addition, incorporating bamboo laminates or any products pretreated with borates into your bamboo reeds can help prevent termites from damaging and eating them out.

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How To Protect Your Bamboo Reed Fence From Weathering?

You cannot avoid the weathering of a particular material, especially if it is exposed daily to the atmosphere, and bamboo reeds are not an exception. So, the steps below can help you protect your rolled reed fence.

  1. Open the garden sprayer and fill it in with the water repellent with a UV protectant that you will use for your bamboo reef fence. Do it as carefully as possible so that it will not spew out.
  2. After you fill it in, close the top of the garden sprayer and pump its handle for 15 to 20 pumps.
  3. Point the nozzle of the garden sprayer towards the bamboo reed fence. Then start spraying from top to bottom.
  4. To achieve better UV protection, spray the front and back of the reed. And to keep a constant pressure within the garden sprayer, pump the handle as necessary.
  5. Once you finish spraying the entire bamboo reed fence, you should now let the sealant dry and follow the manufacturer's recommended time.
  6. We recommend performing a second application for the best results. Just repeat the above steps. Do this sealing process every two years.

What Does A Bamboo Reed Fence Contribute To Your Property?

Adding a bamboo reed fence to residential or commercial property can give numerous benefits, and they are:

1. Provides Privacy

Adding bamboo fences to your yard doesn't necessarily mean you will block the entire view to add privacy. They will offer increased privacy than having an entirely exposed or open yard.

2. Aesthetic Appearance

bamboo Outdoor patio setup in the gravel backyard

As mentioned above, the primary purpose of a bamboo fence is to provide privacy. However, it can also make your property visually aesthetic. You can achieve different themes depending on the fence type -most commonly a tropical feel is associated with bamboo fencing.

In addition, a bamboo reed fence can make your property more appealing by blocking the unflattering elements that lie in your area. Also, bamboo fences make your property look fresh.

3. Additional Safety

If safety is your main priority, adding a bamboo fence to your property is excellent. It can prevent your pets and other people from wandering around your area. In addition, this can deter wild animals from entering your property.

4. Denoting Boundaries

If you are strict and possessive about your property, adding a bamboo fence is necessary. It will prevent trespassers or even your neighbors from entering your area. Bamboo fences will give people a hint where they should stop from entering and respect your boundary lines.

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Benefits Of Using A Bamboo Fence

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Bamboo fences are one of the most versatile choices available because of their elegant and modern appearance. Below are the benefits that you can acquire in installing one.


The production of bamboo fences is safe for the environment. You will appreciate this benefit, especially if you are concerned with sustainability. In addition, unlike any other building and fencing materials, bamboo production is overall natural. It is grown and harvested without using any chemicals.

You don't have to kill the plant when harvesting the bamboo. And that is what makes it renewable since it will regrow up to 22 inches daily. Installing bamboo fences also helps in deterring soil erosion and reducing carbon footprint. And the most vital part is it hugely contributes to producing oxygen.


Installing a bamboo fence is relatively undemanding to perform, and you can customize it depending on what you want. As long as you have enough knowledge, you can do a DIY process and achieve a great result.


While wood fences tend to have molds and break down over time, bamboo fences are more solid and water-resistant. In addition, it is resistant to wear and tear, which makes it a highly recommended fencing material than many other natural fence options.


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A bamboo fence can deliver a natural, attractive, and chill vibe. It can also enhance your outdoor property's overall look while giving it enough privacy. Unlike other fencing materials, bamboo won't isolate your yard. Instead, it blends itself effortlessly into your yard and adds a tropical look.

5. Value

Since bamboo is renewable, it is now one of the most inexpensive fencing materials available. Also, it is undoubtedly cost-effective because of its durability and lifespan, which means you'll make the most out of your money by using it.

Wrap It All Up

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Cutting a bamboo reed fence is quick and easy as long as you have the proper materials and know the steps to do it properly. Also, adding it to your yard for privacy and aesthetic purposes is a win, especially since it is cost-effective and long-lasting.