How To Dog-Proof A Wrought Iron Fence

Whether it's a guest ringing the doorbell or the mailman just passing by, a lot of us have experienced the amazing ability of our pet dogs to squeeze through the gaps of an iron fence. It's a pretty astounding feat and we've looked into the best ways of dog-proofing wrought iron fences for this post.

The best way to dog-proof wrought iron fences is to install mesh fencing around the perimeter to prevent the dogs from squeezing through the slats. You can also utilize other options like cast embellishments or additional base pickets to prevent them from escaping through the fence.

There are many other ways to dog-proof a wrought iron fence. In this post, we will be listing all the fencing options you can try to keep man's best friend inside the yard. We will also suggest other ways to keep dogs from making a run for it, so do keep on reading to learn more.

Metal fence is the new modern fence for having long durability, How To Dog-Proof A Wrought Iron Fence

How To Dog-proof A Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron fences are great fencing options for homes because of their durability and stability in providing protection to properties. For homeowners who have a dog, wrought iron fences are also great ways to keep these beloved pets inside their yards.

For some pet owners, a wrought iron fence may not be able to contain smaller dogs with their supreme ninja skills. Dog escapees can unknowingly run into dangerous situations outside of the fence, and we want to prevent this!

Dogs that manage to squeeze their way through the fences are at high risk of being run over by vehicles. They might also startle, to bite unassuming passersby. This can cause a lot of issues so it is best to keep the dogs in the yard as much as possible.

Metal fence

Perimeter Mesh Fencing

Wrought iron fences are pretty easy to dog-proof. If you are looking for a temporary solution to keep dogs from squeezing through the bars, you can install wire mesh fencing around the perimeter of your fence. This should keep small dogs and puppies from getting out of the yard.

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Cast Embellishments

Cast Embellishments

Another way to dog-proof your wrought iron fences in style is by adding cast embellishments to the pickets. You can typically get these decorations through fence suppliers and they add a touch of elegance to your yard. The decorations keep the dogs from escaping through the pickets.

Additional Base Pickets

If you are already working with an iron fence supplier, you might want to also consider having a puppy picket installed along with your fence. These are shorter, narrower pickets that are installed at the bottom of the wrought iron fence, helping keep the dogs from getting in between the pickets.

What Are The Best Ways To Keep The Dog In The Yard

Dog waiting in gated fence for the owner to come home

Aside from dog-proofing your wrought iron fences for the safety of your pets, you might be wondering about other options that are available for your yard. Dogs come in all kinds of temperaments and personalities, so some of them may be a little more adventurous than others.


If you have a dog that likes to dig to make an escape underneath your fence, consider getting an L-footer installed. It's a wire fence that is bent to an L-shape and you can either bury it or cover it with rocks and garden decorations.

These L-footers prevent dogs from getting under the fence to escape. It makes it harder for them to get through because the fence extends through the ground. You can DIY your own L-footers by installing chicken wire or chain link fencing attached to your fence or have it professionally installed.

No-dig Barriers

If your fence has a small gap where your dogs can get into by sticking their snouts underneath, you can install a no-dig barrier along the perimeter of the fence. These are easy to install—all you need to do is stick them straight to the ground and your dogs won't be able to squeeze through the gaps.

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Coyote Rollers

For dog owners with Kung Fu-like capabilities and who can manage to jump over fences, there are options that you can add to prevent them from escaping. Generally used to prevent coyotes from getting into properties, coyote rollers will also prevent pets from getting a foothold on your fences.

Coyote rollers might require a little extra effort to install, but they are good at keeping creative jumpers from going over your pickets. After a while, this should help deter your dogs from jumping and escaping.

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Dense Shrubbery & Uncluttered Lawns

The most cost-efficient methods in dog-proofing your fences and yards require very few changes to your home. More often than not, it only requires a few shrubs in the landscaping to prevent dogs from running away.

If you have dogs that are big and are capable of climbing, make sure to remove all climbing aids that are close to the fence. Remove woodpiles, playground equipment, garbage and storage bins, boulders, and other items that they can use as leverage to jump out of the fence. 

You can also use your plants to prevent pets from getting through the fences. Plant dense shrubs along the perimeter of your fence so they can't jump out (plus, it will make your yard look great!). 

Visual Blockade

For border patrollers who can't keep themselves from looking out of the fence too much, you can install reed or bamboo fencing to block the view. This will keep dogs who are easily triggered by passersby to be a lot calmer when there are people walking outside your property. 

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Puppy Bumper

If you are looking for a really quick fix to prevent your dogs from sneaking out, you can also use a puppy bumper to keep them from squeezing in between pickets. This is great to use on small dogs and puppies who are very curious and often get their heads and bodies stuck in between fence slats.

For those who don't have the time to get a puppy bumper, you can DIY it yourself. The DIY version can be done by sticking a long wooden spoon horizontally through your dog's harness. They can bark all they want, but they won't be able to get through the slats with this DIY bumper.

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How Do I Stop My Dog From Chewing The Metal Fence

young dog chewing a wooden fence house

Aside from doggy escape artists, some pet owners have the problem of dogs chewing through their metal fences. This can be dangerous because metal fences can pierce through the dogs' mouths and cause injury so it is important to prevent this quickly.

First of all, you should try to figure out the reasons why your dog may be incessantly chewing on your metal fence. For heavy chewers and biters, provide your dogs with toys and treats that will keep them preoccupied with chewing.

If they are chewing through the fence because they want to get into the neighbor's yard, try to eliminate the cause by blocking their view. Plant dense shrubs or bamboo fencing to keep them from seeing whatever it is your neighbors have that they want to get into.

You can also try to use a dog chewing deterrent on your fences. However, this is only temporary because it will wash off if it rains, and the chewing issue is still unresolved. You can use this while you're trying to figure out the reasons for your dog chewing through the metal fence.

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Final Thoughts

Metal fence is the new modern fence for having long durability

Dog-proofing your yard and your fences is a great way to prevent pets from escaping your home. However, these dog traits may also be linked to being bored and in need of ways to spend their energy. You can do this by playing and enjoying the day with them in your newly dog-proofed yard.

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