How To Hang String Lights On Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron fences don't conceal much, and it could be tricky trying to put decorations or lighting on them. How then do you hang string lights on wrought iron fences? You may ask. We've asked experts, and they gave us several practical ideas.

Wrought iron fences are not complicated, and to hang lights on them you'll need to:

  • Wrap the string lights along the fence perimeter
  • Use strong adhesive tape to hold the string lights into place
  • Apply strong glue using a hot glue gun
  • Tie the lights with zip ties or cable ties

These methods are discreet and effectively hold the lights in place. Continue reading as we elaborate on how to hang the string lights neatly using the above options.

Wrought iron fence with a fancy design, How To Hang String Lights On Wrought Iron Fence

Hanging String Lights On Wrought Iron Fences

String lights can be used to decorate or increase security in the yard. Whatever the case may be, string lights are the way to go. Use to following methods to secure string lights on your wrought iron fence.

Hanging lights on wrought iron fences

Wrapping Around The Fence

String lights are strong and are meant for the outdoors. You can simply wrap them around your wrought iron fence, and they'll stay in place. Wrought iron fences are often black, and string lights blend in perfectly.

Using Adhesive Tape

Adhesive tapes are another alternative to keep the string lights on the wrought iron fence. Use strong adhesive tapes made for the outdoors. They will be able to handle different weather conditions for a long time.

Have a look at this heavy-duty tape on Amazon.

Using Hot Glue

If you are a DIYer or a crafts lover, you might have a hot glue gun somewhere. Purchase heavy-duty hot glue and use it to hang string lights on your wrought iron fence. Remember to buy glue meant for either metal, plastic, or leather.

Tying With Zip Ties Or Cable Ties

Zip ties or cable ties are another fantastic way of tying everything in place without being an eyesore. You can find them in either black or white that will fit the color of your wrought iron fence. Cable ties or zip ties are easy to use, and they won't destroy the look of your fence.

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You could hang string lights on a wrought iron fence using velcro, a fishing line, or nylon threads. These alternatives are strong and durable.

Popular String Lights

String lights are a popular outdoor lighting option in all sizes and shapes. You can choose classic antique lights or modern LED lights to light your yard.

Whichever type of string lights suit your taste, ensure that you hang them up securely. Here are a few options to choose from.

Solar LED Lantern String Lights

Although they look like traditional paper lanterns, they're made of tarpaulin. They are solar-powered and look wonderful in all seasons.

Their durability isn't questionable, and your energy bills won't be affected. Lantern lights make a festive mood which makes your home welcoming.

Vintage String Lights

If you want the classic look, then the vintage string lights are what you should go for. They create a cozy ambiance because these are not so bright bulbs.

Dangling halogen bulbs at an outdoor restaurant

Edison or vintage string lights keep burglars off while maintaining the old homely charm. Durability is something vintage lights are known for.

Colored LED String Lights

Any festive season needs some cheery lights to brighten the mood. They are energy-saving and all-weather too! Color LED string lights come in different shapes and color combinations.

Hanging LED bulbs at a fence

However, it doesn't have to be a festive season for you to hang colored string lights. You can use them for any special family occasion.

Fairy String Lights

Magical places could turn out in your garden or backyard. If you want that fairy look, hang fairy string lights.

These lights are perfect for weddings, birthday parties, or romantic dinners. Designers say you can use fairy lights to make your yard look bigger.

How To Decorate A Wrought Iron Fence

Up close and detailed photo of wrought iron fence

Fences can be boring, but not wrought iron ones. Moreover, you might not want your fences looking too plain either. There are other ways to bring vibrancy to wrought iron fences all year round.

You might not know where to begin, but here are some ideas to start with.

Seasonal Plants Or Flowers

Potted plants and flowers are an easy solution. You can place them along the fence at intervals. Create a perfect balance between privacy and decoration.

Alternatively, you could plant different flowers and colorful plants along the fence!

Decorative Accents

Use different accents to liven up the wrought iron fence if it doesn't have any decorations. You could place lamps or lights at intervals to light up and decorate your iron fence and yard.

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Hedges Or Bushes

Uniformly planted and trimmed hedges and bushes will compliment a wrought iron fence. Ensure that you take proper care of the decorative bushes and hedges.

Due to constant watering, you will have to maintain your wrought iron fence. Rust could damage the wrought iron fence and kill the bushes if left unchecked.

Designs For Wrought Iron Fences

Wrought iron fence with a fancy design

Wrought iron fences have always been a symbol of stability and wealth. An elaborate design displays fine artistry and the homeowner's financial capability. This inheritance from Victorian times has not lost its glamour and class.

Thanks to large factory productions, you can order different designs at affordable costs. Moreso, homeowners love exclusive looks for their yards, and elaborately designed wrought iron fences give that effect.

Here are some exquisite wrought iron fence designs available in the market today.

Are Wrought Iron Fences Expensive?

Wrought iron fences are fairly expensive fences. Prices are dictated by the design you choose, the length, the labor, and the quality of the iron used.

The average cost of installing a wrought iron nationwide is $30 per linear foot. The total cost often quoted around the country is $2,334 to $4,769. Scout for the best price online and read reviews before making your final pick.

Can You Mount Solar Lights On A Wrought Iron Fence?

Yes, you can. You will have to choose the type of solar lights you'd like for your wrought iron fence. The solar lights can also be decorative.

There are two types of solar lights available. Solar lights can be either mounted on the fence boards (if any are available) or on fence posts or caps.

In the case of wrought iron fences, the post or cap solar light option is the most viable. However, options of solar lights for fence board mounting might be suitable for your wrought iron fence. They come with mounting kits and instructions on how to install them.

Can You Mount String Lights On Metal Posts?

Absolutely! You can mount string lights on metal posts, trees, deck rails, or fences. You could install the metal posts in your yard specifically to attach the string lights.

Moreover, you could purchase clamps or hooks to attach string lights along the side of your house. You can also attach string lights in different patterns.

Bottom Line

Arched wrought iron fence for a private property

Wrought iron fences have been around for some time and decorating them is a breeze. To hang string lights on your fence you'll need easily available adhesives or ties.

Alternatively, you can simply wrap them around along the iron fence! Wrought iron fences can be decorated using either plants or flowers.

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