How Wide Is A Standard Chain Link Fence Gate?

A chain-link fence or gate, if properly installed, can add value to your property. Depending on your needs, there are different types of chain-link fence gates. But in case you're wondering how wide this gate is, we gathered useful information for you, and here is what we found.

Here are some of the different standard widths for every chain-link fence gate type of your need: 

  • Pedestrian Gate: ranges from 3 feet to 6 feet
  • Double Swing Gate: ranges from 10 feet to 20 feet
  • Roller Gate: 22 feet or more
  • Cantilever Gate: 30 feet for single slide and 60 feet for double slide

Continue reading as we discuss the different types of chain-link fence gates. Let's also delve into how to install this type of gate. And in case you're wondering, we'll also talk about the standard height of a chain-link fence gate and in which direction should they swing when you open them. 

A long chain link gate for a secured private area, How Wide Is A Standard Chain Link Fence Gate?

What Are The Types Of Chain Link Fence Gates?

This type of fence gate comes in five different styles. These are:

  • Walk/Pedestrian Gates
  • Cantilever Gates
  • Double Swing Gates
  • Single Swing Gates
  • Roll Gates

Black powder coated chain link fence at a baseball field

Walk/Pedestrian Gates

This gate option is the most economical and convenient alternative for getting from one side of the fence to the other. Walk gates are one of the most popular chain-link gate installations because they allow easy access from the front to the back of the property.

This gate is ideal for people searching for the simplest and most cheap way to handle foot traffic.

Cantilever Gates

Cantilever gates, unlike other gates, usually require three posts: two for installing the rollers and gate, and a third for the latch. The latch post will be larger than the two roller posts, which will be the same size. Rollers mounted to balancing poles allow cantilever gates to open.

These gates are suitable for wider openings and can be automated.

Double Swing Gates

These gates have two leaves that are held in place by a drop rod while the gate is closed. It is possible to automate double swing gates.

The double swing gate or drive-through gate option is arguably the best option for individuals wishing to drive automobiles through a chain-link gate.

This gate is ideal for property owners who need to permit vehicle traffic on tougher terrain with infrequent usage.

Single Swing Gates

Larger openings can be accommodated by single gates. Simply ensure that there is enough space for the gate to open. Automating single swing gates is possible.

Roll Gates

This style of chain-link gate is suitable for main driveways when the gate needs to open level and be above the concrete.

A rolling gate installation is ideal for people who already have a smooth, flat, firm surface on which to roll the gate and who have a large volume of vehicle traffic on their property.

How Do You Install A Chain Link Fence Gate? [Double Swing & Cantilever]

Green powder coated chain link fence

Since chain link fence gates have different types, there are also different installation processes. Read below to learn the installation process of double swing gates and cantilever gates. 

Double Swing Gate Installation

After you have installed the chain-link fence, the next step would be hanging the gate. If you have a double swing gate, you can follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the chain link fence posts to which your double swing gate is attached are as vertical as possible by using a level.
  2. Between the posts, make a level line at the height of the chain-link dual swing gate's bottom using a string.
  3. Place the gates on the ground and attach gate latch hardware to them. Make sure that the top edges of both gates are aligned.
  4. Attach the hinges to the gate. Ensure that the hinges are level with each other.
  5. Line up the string with the bottom of one of the gates the connect the gates and posts using U-shaped bolts and 
  6. Mark the location of the central pin by closing and latching the gates together. Drill a hole in the earth and open the gates.

Cantilever Gate Installation

The construction, hardware options, and design of cantilever slide gates set them apart from other types of slide gates. To install them, you need to:

  1. Calculate fence length and gate placement.
  2. Place two stakes (wood or steel) in the ground to use as string line anchors. Remember, set stakes 1 or 2 feet away from the gate posts so you may drill/dig holes without being hindered.
  3. Stretch masonry guide string tightly in between stakes, making sure it is on the appropriate side of each stake before winding.
  4. Dig holes 12 to 30 inches in diameter and 42 to 48 inches deep to place gate posts. Concrete footers vary in depth and diameter depending on where you live. In regions where the earth is frozen, the hole size above is ideal.
  5. Fill the holes with concrete, then insert the post in the wet concrete and level it. Make sure your concrete isn't very wet or soupy.
  6. When the concrete has cured, use the included U-bolts to attach the two bottom cantilever rollers to the two roller posts -one per post. If the terrain is uneven, place the roller on the highest gradient first.

One important tip is that the gate hardware is designed to adjust for the offset caused by the rollers/posts, and cantilever gate latches will correct for this. Remember that once the rollers are in place, the gate will slip a few inches between the posts and within the fence.

How To Make And Install A DIY Chain Link Fence Gate?

If you want to make your gate from scratch and install them afterward, you can follow these steps: 

  1. Gather the needed tools and materials for this process such as tape measure, gate fork latch, gate post hinges, sockets, bolts, wrench, gate frame, chain links, brackets, solder, and pliers.
  2. Make a gate framework and attach the first portion to the sliding belt according to the instructions. The movable components are then attached to the door frame using your hands.
  3. Slide a rod into the fence and then through a coil.
  4. Attach the tension band to the mesh and insert the second lever. When you attach the mesh to the tension bands, make sure you slide it close enough to the opposite side rail to keep it taut.
  5. Remove the excess mesh with pliers by unhooking the strand of mesh near the outside second tension bar and pulling it out.
  6. Pull the mesh and tension band tight while putting the tension bar into the tension bands on the gate frame with pliers; if the net is not tight enough, go to the next set of loops with the lever.
  7. Re-hook the bar into the tension bands after untangling the excess mesh.
  8. Once the mesh is in one spot, attach the tie line to the top and bottom benchmarking. Make sure the tie cord can move freely in the mesh.

A fence at a baseball field

How High Should A Chain Link Fence Gate Be?

Most manufactured gates typically stand 4 to 5 feet tall. However, it still depends on the height of the chain-link fence where your gate should be attached.

Which Direction Should Your Chain Link Fence Gate Swing?

Paint chipping off a chain link fence due to weather degradation

Always have your gate swing inward. This is because you want your gate to open into a private space rather than out into the open. Single gate hinges are functional on both sides.

On another note, if your gate swings down a steep hill, hinges may need to be placed in a different location, such as the downhill posts.

Final Words

A long chain link gate for a secured private area

Depending on what type of gate you're looking for, chain link fence gates can be as narrow as 3 feet or can be as wide as 60 feet. Note that there are also different types of these gates suitable for your needs. 

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