Is Bamboo Fencing A Fire Hazard?

Bamboo fencing is one of the easiest ways to create privacy for your property. You might want to install a bamboo fence but wonder if it is a fire hazard. Fortunately, we have done the necessary research for you, and here is what we found.

Even though bamboo fencing makes attractive privacy screens and establishes an exotic look in an exterior space, these dried stalks are flammable. Bamboo ignites readily when prone to fire or embers, making your home vulnerable.

If you prefer bamboo fencing, you should be mindful of the activities happening around to avoid burning your home. Keep reading to discover more about bamboo fencing and why it is a fire hazard.

nice bamboo fencing and its pros and cons, Is Bamboo Fencing A Fire Hazard

Why Bamboo Fencing Is A Fire Hazard

It is risky to use bamboo to fence your property since they are flammable. There are over 1,500 species of bamboo and all are known to be prone to fire, especially in dry environments.

The different species of bamboo are similar when it comes to their vulnerability to flame. Since the bamboo is closely planted, they tend to burn together when exposed to flame.

bamboo being burned easily and it catches fire rapidly

What Makes Bamboo Flammable?

Bamboo forms clusters of culms that tend to accumulate dead materials and also inhibit the removal of inner dead material. They all shed dry leaves throughout the year while still keeping dead leafless twigs. Basically, all of these make bamboo prone to fire. 

Bamboo is not fire-resistant. If you want to install a bamboo fence, make sure they are well protected from flames.

bamboo elegant for making a fence in your house

Does Bamboo Explode When Burned?

Bamboo explodes when burned because of the air space locked up in the stalk. If bamboo is burning, the locked-up air spaces start to expand and compress. When this happens, the bamboo bursts with great force, causing an explosion. This explosion can aggravate fire incidents.

What Temperature Does Bamboo Burn At?

The temperature at which a bamboo burns depends on the type of bamboo. But mostly, the ignition temperature of bamboo is 509 Fahrenheit (or 265 degrees Celsius). This makes it attract fire more easily than other types of wood. 

Before burning bamboo, it is highly important to note that bamboo is a good fire starter and will burn rapidly. However, it is suggested to mix bamboo with other woods when they are burning to keep the fire under control.

Is Dry Bamboo Flammable?

Bamboo is flammable especially when dried. Therefore, the stalks are a fire hazard when used to fence an entire building. It is not recommended to install a bamboo fence if you live in areas that are prone to wildfires.

What Happens When Dried Bamboo Burn?

Dried bamboo is usually used to ignite a fire or burnt as fuel in some rural areas. Bamboo should not be exposed to fire because it contains lead and some heavy metals like copper, nickel, and arsenic. 

When bamboo burns, lead oxide, and some toxic oxides are emitted in the form of gas which can be very harmful if inhaled. 

Can You Burn Bamboo To Get Rid Of It?

You can get rid of cut bamboo by burning it. But you have to consider your regional law. Alternatively, you can throw stalks in the trash. If bamboo is left in your landscape after cutting, it might grow again. If you decide to burn it, make sure to split the culms.

Always ensure your bamboo is dried before burning. If the bamboo is wet after cutting, you can take it to a garage or a place with a cemented floor in order to prevent it from growing mold or absorbing more moisture.

How Do You Make Bamboo Fireproof?

Since bamboo poles naturally have a high percentage of silica content and boric acid which is usually used as a fire retardant, they can resist fire and temperatures of about 752 degrees Fahrenheit (or 400 degrees Celsius). This makes the bamboo a bit more fire-resistant.

To make engineered bamboo fire-resistant, you have to laminate the stalks with resin.

Can You See Through Bamboo Fencing?

Bamboo fencing creates privacy. Outdoor bamboo fences are not totally see-through. They offer a beautiful and exotic look with a natural finish and can be designed to your preference. To install bamboo for privacy, mark your boundaries to reduce trespassing.

You can contact professionals to help you with the installation.

How Long Does Bamboo Fencing Last?

When bamboo fencing is well taken care of and installed very well, it can survive for up to 15-20 years. Bamboo flowers just once in several years, depending on the species. All bamboo belonging to one species usually flower at the same time even though they are in different locations.

Bamboo lives on year after year since it is a perennial grass. It doesn't die off when the year is about to end. Most species of bamboo live for a few decades while others for a century or more.

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Can You Seal A Bamboo Fencing?

Bamboo fencing is known to require less maintenance but you should clean it periodically so it can last longer. It is also better to seal bamboo.

Most stains can serve as sealants, so when you seal your bamboo for extra strength you restore the color as well. Make sure to select the most appropriate type of sealant, depending on whether the bamboo is stained or unstained.

You can use a water-based sealant on bamboo fences. It protects and makes them more resistant to insects. Latex paint can also be used on bamboo but it is better to use water-based sealant.

Pros And Cons Of Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo is a fast-growing, renewable resource that is a perfect alternative to traditional fencing materials. Bamboo has many benefits, but these fences also have drawbacks.


  • Bamboo fencing is eco-friendly, sustainable, and renewable.
  • They create the perfect garden and privacy fence.
  • Bamboo fencing doesn't require a lot of maintenance.
  • Bamboo fencing can be installed quickly and easily.


  • Bamboo fencing is expensive.
  • They are fire hazards.
  • Bamboo fencing does not provide enough security.
  • Bamboo fencing does not provide as much privacy as some other fencing materials.

What Is Carbonized Bamboo Fence?

charcoal type bamboo can be used also for burning

Carbonized bamboo fence is a little bit darker than the natural bamboo fence because of its carbonized features and caramel colors resulting from a heating process. This fence can be used in different settings because it's so versatile.

Carbonized bamboo fence enhances your yard, giving it both a modern and contemporary appearance.

Is Carbonized Bamboo Fence Eco-friendly?

Carbonized bamboo fence is eco-friendly. It is a natural choice that adds beauty to your landscape. This material is a natural product which means it does not need to be treated with lots of chemicals or preservatives to last long.

To Wrap Up

nice bamboo fencing and its pros and cons

There are different types of bamboo that can be used for fencing our homes. Their attractive look allows brings creativity to your home. But bamboo fences catch fire easily. So when there is a fire outbreak, the tall and dry bamboo that are installed next to each other will aggravate the fire, causing more damage.

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