9 Types Of Gate Hinges [Your Guide To Choosing Outdoor Hinges]

Putting a gate on your property is a must to secure your surroundings. Gates assist in enforcing security, preserving privacy, and requiring low maintenance. In addition, they also improve the property's aesthetic appeal and potential financial value. As a result, installing the proper hinges on a gate is critical.

Gate hinges have different styles and purposes. And in this post, we will tell you the different types that we thoroughly researched.

The types of gate hinges are:

  1. Butt Hinges With Dummy Straps
  2. Bullet Hinges Weld-On
  3. Heavy Duty Gate Closers
  4. Heavy Duty Weld-On/ Bolt-On Hinges
  5. Polymer Spring Hinges
  6. Commercial Grade Spring Hinges
  7. Double Action Spring Hinges
  8. Strap Hinges
  9. Tee Hinges

Do you want to know the different purposes of every gate hinge available? If so, it would be best to keep reading. Also, we might be able to answer some of your additional questions, and this post can guide you in choosing what type of hinge is suitable for your gates. Let us delve into the details!

A shiny metal hinge and bolt securing a black metallic gate, 9 Types Of Gate Hinges [Your Guide To Choosing Outdoor Hinges]

Types Of Gate Hinges

Choosing the right gate hinges is essential. However, for you to know the appropriate one for your property, it is a must to know the different types and purposes of gate hinges well.

1. Butt Hinges With Dummy Straps

Butt hinges with dummy straps are the most acceptable alternative for big gates like carriage houses, heavy hanging gates, or barn doors. You can hang the butt hinges the same way you would for your front door.

Metal spring butt hinge

However, there is one distinction between the two. And that is, you won't be needing mortise hinges for your gate anymore.

If you install butt hinges like that, it will support a lot of weight. After that, you can add dummy straps to simulate a strap hinge. Additionally, you can use a US32D finish stainless steel hinge for pool and outdoor areas because they are long-lasting and sturdy.

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2. Bullet Hinges Or Weld-On Pin Style Hinges

We can also refer to bullet hinges as weld-on pin style hinges. There are so many applications that benefit from this type of gate hinge, such as:

  • safes
  • doors
  • garbage container lids
  • gates
  • metal cabinets
  • toolboxes
  • cab enclosures
  • safety containers

In addition, you can find them available in various materials and sizes, including brass, aluminum, and stainless steel.

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3. Heavy-Duty Gate Closers

Heavy-duty gate closers are the most beneficial solution if you are the type of person who always forgets to close doors. These hinges guarantee that our commercial or residential gates automatically close securely. Heavy-duty gate closers can improve the safety and security of your property.

Metal hinges on the gates of a metal garage

Know that gate closers are self-closing and include a simple-to-install system with variable speeds. You can open your gate manually, and when you release it, it will close itself alone with the help of the gate closer.

In addition, it will close at a safe speed, or you can adjust it to the rate to your liking. Lastly, these heavy-duty gate closers are acceptable in new and older gates.

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4. Heavy-Duty Weld On Or Bolt-On Hinges

Enormous metal gates usually require something more substantial. Heavy-duty hinges will provide the necessary stability for your property's massive metal gates. This type of gate hinge consistently receives the most excellent weight ratings, with each pair exceeding a thousand pounds.

When you consider how long the lifespan of this heavy-duty weld-on hinge will last and how strong they are, you will realize that its price is very reasonable.

However, if you plan to install one, it would be best to ask for the help of a professional since it is not a DIY endeavor. Also, the installation process is risky.

5. Polymer Spring Hinges

If the gate you own only swings in a single direction and you want it to close, a polymer spring hinge is an excellent option you should try. However, your gate might require two or more polymer spring hinges, depending on the heaviness and size of your gate.

This gate hinge can self-close and has two settings for gate weight and closing speed. And These new polymer spring hinges have excellent stability and superior proprietary tension.

In addition, you can use it on wood, vinyl, and metal gates. However, that will depend on the polymer spring hinge style you choose.

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6. Commercial Grade Spring Hinges

A hinge in the white door

Spring hinges that are of commercial quality are another viable alternative. Superior and most satisfactory stainless steel hinges are worth acquiring. An example is the 304-grade stainless steel spring hinges that deter rust.

If you are residing near the shore, we suggest you use a commercial-grade spring hinge. And this one should be your first choice. The components that try to weaken or harm your gate hinges will have no opportunity against the durable steel hinge.

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7. Double Action Spring Hinges

It is a gate hinge type that can ideally close while quickly adjusting. Using this one will allow your gate to close in both directions. Plus, it will return to its closed, middle position.

Additionally, you can use all kinds outdoors since they are weatherproof. Lastly, you can utilize double action spring hinges to support the most extensive and lighter-weight gates.

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8. Strap Hinges

New black decorative metal hinge on wooden door

Strap hinges have long flaps that seem triangular in design. To install it, you will have to screw one strap into the surface of the moving portion, such as the gate. And you will screw the other one into the stable surface adjoining it.

The lengthy flaps of strap hinges can add solidity and strength to your gates. Furthermore, you can use this for your shed, garage, barn, and other similar applications.

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9. Tee Hinges or T-Hinges

This type of gate hinge combines a butt hinge and a strap hinge. You can use it for your gates, garage doors, and doors for a decorative traditional rustic vibe.

Metal hinge on a wooden gate

It is best to use wooden gates. Homeowners love using this gate hinge because of the definitive styling that they can add to their functionality.

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10. Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Gate Hinges

High-quality and robust hinges are essential for the easy and smooth opening and shutting of massive gates. A ball bearing gate hinge is an excellent hinge to use for heavy-duty applications. And that includes high traffic regions.

This type of gate hinge comes in two weight sizes and has greaseable bearings.

Heavy-duty ballbearing gate hinges can reduce friction which is why it is excellent for heavier doors and gates. The bearings of this hinge can make the opening and closing of the gates unfailingly smoother, easier, and quieter.

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Gate Accessories To Consider

If you are planning to choose gate hinges, it would be best to consider what gate accessories you should use. For instance, if you have a vast gate, adding a gate wheel will support unhinged areas.

A gate wheel will not restore the damage caused by picking the wrong hinge for your gate, but it will help extend the life of the gate hinges and minimize strain on them.

In addition, you can also consider purchasing the items below that will surely be helpful for your gate:

  • bolts
  • spring gate hinges
  • safety types and various latches
  • other gate components

Safety gate latches can assist in keeping your gates in place, and double-door gate locks can help support one side so the opposite can help in supporting one side so the other can smoothly close against it.

Every piece of accessories or hardware you buy for your gate offers several advantages for domestic and business uses. The most significant factor here is that you can utilize these accessories to increase the performance and grade of your gates, whether you use them at home, in workplaces, schools, or hospitals.

What Size Of Gate Hinge To Buy

If you plan to purchase a gate hinge at this rate, it is essential to know that size matters. Understanding the width, height, weight, and thickness of your gate doors will help you determine what size of gate hinge you will need.

What Distinguishes A Quality Hinge?

The cost of gate hinges varies greatly. Consider the thickness of the foundation material. Ball-bearing gate hinges are usually of superior quality and perfectly support medium to big gates. The bearings in that gate hinge make the gate easier to swing and contain it from sagging.

What Should You Keep In Mind When Installing Gate Hinges

It is critical to properly install gate hinges in order for them to function effectively. You will need to keep a few pointers in mind for this. And here are some to think about:

  1. If you want to increase security and a tight hold on the gate, it would be best to utilize more than two hinges.
  2. When estimating the hinge load, keep in mind the additional hardware.
  3. For increased load-bearing, attach a tiny metal plate to the bottom of the gate. People standing on the base bar of the gate rungs assist the gate in bearing greater weight.
  4. If you want to have extra support, you can consider installing gravity gate latches and catches.

Wrap It All Up

Choosing the right hinges for your gates is a must if you want them to function excellently. Assume you want to improve your gate's robustness, functionality, and longevity. In that situation, you must educate yourself on the various solutions' technical aspects, benefits, and weaknesses to make the best decision for your properties.

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