How To Choose Vinyl Fence Color [7 Image Examples Of Available Colors!]

Choosing the right fence color is essential to making your landscape look put together. Many people believe that how the outside of your home looks reflects how you live, so it's important to give a good first impression! So, how do you determine the right fence color for your house? We have researched answers for you.

Here are the things you may want to consider when choosing a vinyl fence color:

  • Style of your landscape
  • Budget
  • Frequency of maintenance
  • Fence regulations

There are many ways you can figure out how to choose the right color for your fence, and one of them is looking for inspiration! We have gathered examples of colors that may appeal to you, as well as tips on how to match your fences with your home. Keep reading below to learn more!

Gray vinyl fence on a residential area, How To Choose Vinyl Fence Color [7 Image Examples Of Available Colors!]

How To Choose Vinyl Fence Color

The right color of your vinyl fences contributes to your curb appeal and the overall look of your landscape. It can potentially add value to your home years from now, and it can either make your home shut-off or approachable.

Vinyl fences require little to no maintenance. They effortlessly beautify your home, so choose a color that matches the character of your home by considering the following factors.

Style of Your Landscape

Consider first how your landscape looks. Of course, the safest course is to go for a light neutral color, but depending on your landscape it could look better with a dark-stained or woodgrain-colored fence.

If you have rich and lush greenery around your perimeter, brown or tan fences can transform the landscape and make it look rustic, making it look more welcoming and giving an impression of warmth.


Vinyl fences come in different colors, and you don't have to repaint them. So, you have to choose the right one right off the bat. However, color affects the price of vinyl fences.

Black vinyl fences are generally more expensive than white ones, and wood-grain fences tend to be the middle ground.

White vinyl fences cost around $25 per linear foot. Wood-grain fences cost $40, while black fences are the most expensive potentially costing you around $60 per linear foot.

Adding gates to the fence will also cost you more, so consider whether you need them or if you're planning to retain your current one. Vinyl gate fences cost between $318 to $1,172.

Vinyl fences elevate the look of your home, but they don't have to cost too much. Weigh which factors are your priority and stick to that to get a fair price.

Frequency of Maintenance

Some colors of vinyl fences can be more high maintenance than others. Before choosing the color, you need to weigh whether you can create a routine around maintaining your fence's luster.

White fences are more high maintenance since they show dark-colored specks of dirt more easily. If not cleaned immediately, this can ruin the look of your landscape.

Wood-grain or brown fences hide dirt easier since the color isn't in a stark shade. This will allow for more time before you will need to clean it eventually.

Black fences look classy and elegant, but they may show lighter specks of dirt easily. An upside to this is you can easily spot if there's mold growth along the fences and you can remove it immediately.

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7 Vinyl Fence Colors to Choose From

One advantage of having vinyl fences is that you don't need to paint them yourself. This makes it a more convenient and time-efficient choice. There are many fence colors you can choose from, so make sure you choose one that matches your home's style.

You can go for a classic white vinyl fence for a white-picket-fence appeal that makes your home look cozier, but there are other choices that can highlight your personal aesthetic.

It can be challenging since all the colors have their own unique charm, but one will surely stand out and match the feel of your house. Of course, that depends on whether you want to transform or retain your landscape's look.


White vinyl fence outdoor backyard home private green

White fences are reminiscent of the American dream of having a cozy life in the suburbs. The classic design gives off a traditional appeal, highlighting the comforting elegance of your house.

White vinyl fences also highlight your greenery and flowers if you have them. They also make your curb look neat and put together as long as you clean them regularly.

White fences elevate your curb since it fits almost all preferences. It adds value to your home effortlessly and makes for a beautiful backdrop for gatherings and photos.

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Cleaning fence with high pressure power washer, cleaning dirty wall

If you want a warmer and homier appeal, go with brown-colored vinyl fences. It is also reminiscent of nature, so this choice is ideal if you live in an area with a lot of trees--the fences will blend right in!

If your house is made with predominantly pink, cream, and blue exteriors, brown fences will balance out the colors and visually tie them up neatly.


Green lawn with pine tree outside a residential area with fence

Subtlety is timeless. Incorporating a gray-colored fence into your yard will be a balancing factor if your house exterior has a lot of vibrant and rich hues such as reds, yellows, and blues.

If your exterior has a neutral tone, gray can blend into it, effortlessly making a cohesive color scheme. However, a downside is that it will make your landscape look too neutral and dull.

If you want your property to look more cozy and inviting, go for fences with warmer, richer tones.


Fence built from wood

If you want a more rustic and farmhouse-inspired aesthetic that can highlight the vibrance of your curb, go with vinyl with wood grain paint. These panels resemble the rich but rare look of walnut fences, making your home look chic and elegantly rugged.

The wood grain color will also look great against the greenery. The wood grain paint blends seamlessly with natural elements, making your landscape look inviting.

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Solid privacy 8 foot vinyl fence

If you want the lightness of white fences without the extra effort of cleaning them regularly, go with this cream color that highlights curb appeal but is still able to hide some specks of dust and dirt.

Although it doesn't replicate the appeal of white fences, you can enhance the look of your landscape by planting more trimmed plants, shrubs, and flowers.

The warmth of this color will also highlight the coziness of your house, especially if your exterior is made of warm-toned sidings and bricks.

This shade also has the subtlety of a neutral color, making it blend with the surroundings easily.

Combination of White and Cream

For a more unique charm that makes your home look traditionally quaint and elegant, go for a combination of white and cream.

You won't have to clean every single panel regularly, and the white outline will give the appeal of a white picket fence without the commitment. This can elevate your curb, although some people still prefer the uniform color of fences for cohesiveness.

However, as long as the colors don't clash and the hues do not differ too much, it can still make your landscape look beautiful especially when sunlight hits it.


There are some manufacturers who sell unique colors such as yellow vinyl fences. They add a burst of energy to your landscape, and it highlights the greenery planted in your garden. It's also a natural color, so it blends in with the nature surrounding you.

For visual stimulation, try panting the outline with white. The color combination will make your landscape more welcoming and comforting.

How Long Do Vinyl Fences Last?

The higher the quality of your vinyl fences, the longer they would last. Usually, they should retain their quality for about 20-30 years.

To make it last longer, you'll need to choose an ideal location where it won't be collecting mold. You also need to install it properly so it can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Final Thoughts

It can be intimidating choosing from a wide range of fence colors. However, narrowing down your options should be easy enough once you figure out the aesthetic you want, and when you've weighed the factors necessary when choosing.

As always, maintenance is key to making your fences look better after many years.